Welcome to my resources page. Here I share various sources that I have found usefull on my journey, stuff that I'd recommend to my family & friends & everyone else that's interested in coding, Web & Game development or 3D modeling. These are also the sources that helped me build this amazing site as well. Check it out.


Udemy has been my main source of knowledge so far. There are so many great courses to be found there its crazy. It really accelerated my Web Development as well as helped me get started on other areas and also with my studies. Anytime I needed to jump in a certain topic like data bases, DOM or ajax BOOOM Udemy got me covered. Start building games? Udemy. Learn 3D modeling with Blender? Udemy. And the best part of Udemy are the prices. Once you get their disscounts, its almost free. So much knowledge for so little money. It's just....explodamazingtastic.


He is the man behind all the fantastic photographies you see on my site, including those of my paintings. He is like the special ops guy for photography: he has worked for the governmnent and different press agencies, his work has been used by Reuters. If you are looking for an affordable, top quality photographer, check him out. He's the best.


Another one of those project that you just won't believe its free. From top to bottom - Free. You can learn Web development there - the proper way - coding challenges they give you that are getting increasinglly harder and more interesting. Its probably not the best place to start for someone the has not seen one single line of code before but once you have the basics covered it's a really good place to learn and I sure would recommend it to anyone interested in Web Development.


Since I have started studying IT without any foundatition to start from I had to learn a lot in very little time. Coding in Java included. This was really hard for me not knowing even the basic terminology (WTF is an <i>integer</i>? Loop?).I was getting really desperate because the books that I was reading through didn't help much. Thats just the way 99% of coding books are : completely and utterly useless for a noob. Thankfully there is an exception and its called Learn Java The Hard Way and its THE ONLY book I'd recommend to someone that has NO PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE and wants to learn a programming language like Java. Period. Thank you again, Graham Mitchell.


I've heard some nasty things about Blender, that its not user friendly and such. Well, Blender is a program that provides you with 3D modelation, animation and even game development if you are really hard-core, so its hard to expect an inutuitive working enviroment. That aside Blender has one HUGE advatage - that it's 100% Free and you can use it to your hearts content, there are no limits here (Unity does have certain limitations when it comes to earning money with their software). And that fact alone is something to admire by itself. So much power made avalible to everyone. Its a great program, you just need to start in the right place (hint : www.udemy.com/blendertutorial/).


The reason I included Unity3D in here is because I use it and for the fact that this kind of software is avalibele Free of charge to anyone( with a decent computer and a network connection). Anyone can make and sell games now, do animations or whatever. No strings attached - until you surpass 100.000$ income with the use of their software. Imagine that! What a time and place to live.


CodeCollege is a code-learing site founded by Brad Hussey, a guy that makes some great content on Web Development. His course Bootstrap to Worpress that I bought on Udemy is actually the course that really got me going for WebDev and is responsible for the remaking this site. There you can find quite a lot of usefull information on WebDev so check it out. A lot of it is for free so you've got nothing to lose.


CodeCademy was where my first lines of HTML and CSS code were written. They offer free courses that are accesible and easy enough for anyone to try out and get a feel for what coding is like. Honestly, there are much better free sources out there for learning to code but CodeCademy is a good starting point because it's so undemanding and thus quite friendly for those that have absolutely no idea how coding is done.


This is the place where I got the nice background patterns for my site. They have a nice collection of seamless patterns you can use for free and they don't even demand to be credited so I think the only appropriate thing is to give them a shout-out. You'll be seing their patterns on my next big (bigger and better) project as well so keep their name in mind.