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31st March 2017

It's a really cool time to be living in. There is so much one can do with a computer today and any kind of software you can think of - you can get it out there - for freakin free. Game engines, proffesional grade 3D modeling software, digital drawing programs. Anything. For free. And Iam not talking piracy here. No. It's mindblowing. And overwhelming. I've just started with all this and sometimes it makes me feel like I could explode - there is so much to do, so much oppurtunity, ideas, so much to learn. It's crazy. Games, animations, virtual reality... You name it! Because of this I've got quite a few projects started and practicaly none of them really finished. Because starting a project is easy, finishing is hard. It takes time to get something at least right, if not perfect. And another thing I've come to realise so far is that game development is not a nice place for solo players. It's not like skiing (Slovenian folks are good at it) but more like football (this is where we suck at).

There are A LOT of parts to a game : evolving the idea, drawing, 3D modeling, programming, sound, music, marketing. It's just too much for a single person. Iam not saying it's impossible but that its hard to really concentrate and do your best at drawing a perfect background if you need to also think and time plan for all the rest. Combine that with having two small kids, studying IT and working on Web Development and you'll see where Iam at at the moment.

So anyhow, this is the place where I have decided to share some of my ideas, some of the projects Iam working on or I want to be working at some point. If there is anybody out there that notices potential here for a collaboration af any kind, Iam avalible through the contact form. Maybe we can find some common ground. Thanks for reading. I wish you a pleasant stay (:

to stars by rok slana cgi digital drawing

"To the Stars"