“The Riverman” – Limited edition giclée Art print

Rok Slana

All of my paintings are avalible as high quality giclée art prints, but “The Riverman” comes as an exception to the rule because the original painting has a dark atmosphere that is achieved using lots of dark glazes and this effect is impossible to reproduce the standard way. In fact just making the “photography” of… continue reading

“The Riverman” story

Rok Slana

For those of you who haven’t seen this painting yet and ask yourself “what the …?!” is in the background of my home page – this post should bring some clarity. It’s “The Riverman” painting and if there is one painting that I’am really proud of it’s this one. Don’t get me wrong, Iam proud… continue reading

Welcome !

Rok Slana
Detail of the silent stream painting showing the destroyed tank

Hello there and welcome to the new roks.si site and thaks for visiting. As you can see there are a few new feats to my site apart from the brand new look, most notably the “21.Century Artist”, “Blog” and “GameDev & 3D” pages. The role of the “21.Century Artist” as my homepage should be obvious… continue reading