Welcome !

18th March 2017

Hello there and welcome to the new roks.si site and thaks for visiting.

As you can see there are a few new feats to my site apart from the brand new look, most notably the "21.Century Artist", "Blog" and "GameDev & 3D" pages.

The role of the "21.Century Artist" as my homepage should be obvious to anyone who reads through it. I also decided that I wanted to have a Blog where I could writte about the stuff that comes to my mind from time to time. And beacuse my goal is to work in the fields of Game Development and 3D modelling I deided to have a separate blog on that part as well, named "GameDev & 3D" where I will be updating on the Game developing projects I'll be working on, 3D Modelling and Digital drawing. Anything game/art related in fact.

There is also a resources page for anyone interested in learning the programming part of the stuff that I do - It's not that hard to start with programming by the way. Everything else is mosty the same. You'll find that the Gallery has shrunken a bit and that there is nothing new there. You'll find out in the future posts why that is so (if it's not already obvious) and that it is not going to stay that way forever.

So that is mostly it for the introduction to the new contents of my site. I hope you'll enjoy it. Cheers!